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Bringing our shores closer

808 Bridges is a team of dedicated professionals to make your Japan opportunity a reality

Scaleups often face various difficulties when first entering Japan. Mentorship, introductions to new clients and other support from large corporates in the area are often lacking. Consultancies and startup accelerators are available but often aimed at specific industries or stages of growth.

Scaleups with more resources are left to fend for themselves in an unfamiliar region, with many challenges including difficulties in finding quality human resources, creating the right connections with potential customers, choosing the right office space etc.

Introducing 808 Bridges – an ecosystem of professional services and support designed to connect mature companies to the Kansai region’s largest supply of talent, funding opportunities and strategic partnerships. Based in Osaka and powered by strategic partners such as Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp., Dentsu and Rainmaking, 808 Bridges is strategically positioned to help scaleups from across the globe enter the Japanese market seamlessly and successfully

How We Work With You

We provide various support structures and rely on our strong relationships with our network of partners and service providers to make your entry into the Japan market as seamless as possible.


Upon recieving your expression of interest, we will arrange a short call with you to identify your needs, understand your motivation behind expanding to Japan and assess your company to see if we would be a good partner for you.


We would then engage with our network of partners and service providers to explore how we could meet your needs in a scalable, speedy and cost-effective fashion.


We would then work closely with you to jointly define your Japan market entry strategy based on the advice of our in-house market entry experts and the resources provided by our network of partners.


After agreeing on your market entry strategy, we would create a realistic roadmap and timeline to execute on the proposed market entry, while gathering feedback for future improvement.

We help you with:

Join others who have successfully launched in Japan


Completed two PoC projects with Hankyu Hanshin Properties Group and JR West Innovations, with ongoing commercial discussions with JR West. Establishing Japan representative office.

“We successfully implemented indoor mapping for commercial “smart offices” with Hankyu, and barrier-free tourist navigation for JR West Kyoto Railway Museum and Osaka station”
Founder, Mapxus

Completed a PoC for the Soft Tennis Federation with Dentsu and Sakura Internet, where they made a soft tennis match, which was streamed online, interactive for the viewers. Currently has ongoing commercial discussion with Sakura Internet and a potential sports industry client.

“We have some initial traction in Japan with projects we have executed with Yokohama FC, and with the Sakura Internet and Dentsu for the Soft Tennis Federation. The launchpad we have gotten can help us establish a strong presence in this crucial market.”


Successfully ran test projects with Hankyu Hanshin Holdings to streamline the access of their hotel websites in China. Through connections from our team, they went on to commercially launch ChinaSpeed, a localised version of their product for the Japanese market. 

"There are potentially 3-400,000 businesses in Japan that could benefit, today, from using Chinafy, and with no current onshore sales, we found this to be an exciting opportunity."
CEO, Chinafy


Ran a successful PoC to turn food waste from fruit into upcycled drinks. With the support to enter the market, they have set up a Japan office and are collaborating with local businesses to bring sell their product in Japan.

“This will be the best experience you will have and best platform to scale in Japan.”

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Bringing our shores closer

808 Bridges is a team of dedicated professionals to make your Japan opportunity a reality

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