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BeBridge: Developing xR (AR/VR/MR) and Internet services with the vision of "updating industries in Japan and around the world through the xR platform."

Category: Travel Tech, XR
Location: Japan

DESIGN OUR FUTURE with xR. Be the bridge between the possible and impossible.

We provide new experiences through cutting-edge xR technology. We offer a VR platform that visualizes the creation of ideal spaces and a tourist information sharing service that uses AR to rediscover local attractions.

Working With:


Could you tell us a bit about what BeBridge does? Please give a brief description of your company.

We are developing several B2B and B2C businesses that merge experiences and services with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology.

[VR × Space Simulation] REALRISE: A VR platform that visualizes the creation of ideal spaces.

This platform provides a new simulation experience that allows customers to view a property before it is completed and facilitates purchasing for remote customers.
- You can perform preliminary simulations at your own convenience
- Share the same VR space with your team and customers
- You can preserve your brand image with the level of high-quality

[AR × Mobility] coconey: Tourist information sharing service to rediscover local attractions through AR.

This service improves the value of tourist spots and areas by turning scattered information into a platform. Also, AR allows users to intuitively navigate to their destinations, providing a new travel experience and reducing time spent searching.
- Tourist information is consolidated to a single smartphone
- Users can improve the value of tourist spots and areas by interacting with other users
- AR enables users to get around without getting lost and to have new experiences at the places they visit

[AR x Purchasing] souveni: Guide service to encounter local souvenirs and specialities.

This guide and navigation service offers not only guide service but also a new AR-based purchasing experience.
- Encounter local untapped souvenirs in the area
- Smooth travel with AR guidance
- New purchasing experience that transcends distance and language


Could you describe your entrepreneurial journey so far?

Ever since our founding, we have been developing our company with consulting as a core business, while conducting research and development of xR technology.

With the release of our own services in 2020, we have been actively participating in programs such as accelerators and open innovation programs, etc. Therefore, our xR technology and practicality has been highly evaluated, and our business is growing significantly through PoCs and collaborations.

During next year's World Swimming Championships, we will be a national supporter providing AR/VR technology, an unprecedented move for a startup, and we are thrilled to bring new entertainment to the event with our technology.


Why did you apply to the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka program?

Participating in SBC, enables us to access to a global network.

Also, it has a great lineup of wonderful partners that we would not have been able to meet with in normal circumstances.


How is BeBridge working to build smart cities/smart living?

In VR, it is possible to work with developers and others companies to create a 'city of the future'.

Then by using AR navigation you can guide users through the created city, and make coupons available at nearby stores which are displayed while you are walking around with your device.

In the future, we will utilize this more with AR glasses, as it enables you to create a world in which a variety of information can be displayed simply by wearing the glasses, without holding up your device.

We feel that this will enable us to consider a wide range of possibilities with the region and the city, such as structuring regional tours and creating strong relationships with the local population.


How have you found the experience of going through the program? Are there any challenges in collaboration with large companies?

The difference in the speed of decision making between startups and large companies made me realize once again how difficult it is to move a project forward in a timely manner.


What was the most significant lesson learned during the program?

Rather than proposing a completely new initiative, we felt it was important to propose how startups could contribute to both businesses from a medium- to long-term perspective along with the existing business and network of large companies.


What are you looking for to make your next steps?

Domestic: Creation of xR experiences involving the local community in collaboration with other partners and in preparation for Expo 2025.

Overseas: leveraging the SBC network to expand xR solutions overseas.

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