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Djinn Service provides environmental hazards evaluation for Personal Health assistance.

Category: Smart Buildings, Property Management Tech, HealthTech
Location: United Kingdom

Expert System with Narrow AI for human safety & productivity (Digital Health, Big Data, IoT)

Health impacts of air pollution. Air pollutants can have a serious impact on human health. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable. Djinn Expert System with Narrow AI explains and evaluates environmental hazards. With our digital streams of environmental data and data on human well-being in these conditions, we make visible the measurable health risks and give advice on lifestyle

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Could you tell us a bit about what Djinn Service does? Please give a brief description of your company.

Team Djinn is a team of professionals of all necessary competences. Our head office is located in Great Britain, R&D center is in Belarus. We recently opened a regional office in Poland, and we are looking for opportunities to expand in the Pacific and North America region.


What sets you apart and makes you unique?

Our main advantage is that we have a flexible structure and team that can quickly upgrade our product for different markets and needs of our customers. We do a full range of eco-monitoring, data processing and analysis services - from our own original devices to an expert data analytics platform that works with devices from other manufacturers, among others.


Could you tell us a bit about you and your team?

The main "stars" of the Djinn team are Andrei Dusmikeev, Igor Khizhnyak, Ilya Khrusch, Stanislav Lensu and Olga Chadina. Andrei is a mathematician, programmer, and innovative entrepreneur. His experience is more than 30 years.
Igor is a mathematician and data scientist.
Ilya is a technical director and engineer. He is the one who makes all the hardware solutions.
Stanislav and Olga are medical experts, doctors with extensive experience in medicine and in pharmaceutical companies.
In addition to them, our team includes software engineers, a financier, a marketing and promotion specialist, business development specialists, and environmental experts.


Why is the Japanese market important to you?

Japan is one of the most promising markets for our product and service, because we see the demand for them here. In Japan, there are a large number of our potential customers with whom we can build successful cooperation.


What are you looking for to make your next steps?

We are already taking further steps to distribute in Japan. We are supported by the International Center for Business Promotion. We have a Japanese-speaking employee on the team, and we have made a list of Japanese companies we are interested in. With some of them we have already passed the point of first contact, and we continue to get to know each other and establish cooperation.

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