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Increasing global access to energy with a scalable business model and further validated a larger opportunity to provide access to water.

Access to Energy Venture Validation with Engie

Industry: Utilities
Technology: Energy, Venture
Location: APAC


Rainmaking helped identify smallholder farmers as a new customer segment for Engie, which led to increasing famer’s incomes by 50% as well as increasing health and environmental benefits of replacing diesel with solar energy.


Engie has defined "Global Access to Energy" as one of their core strategic priorities. Rainmaking was asked to understand the feasibility and market opportunity in solving the problems created by a lack of energy through a startup venture funded by Engie Factory APAC.


Iterate an existing value proposition, and in doing so, identify an opportunity with underserved customers and a solution with a scalable business model. Smallholder farmers were identified as the major customer segment. Based on on-the-ground customer interviews, we validated an even larger opportunity to provide access to water.

Key Takeaways:


Venture Building

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Increase in Farmer's Incomes

Sustainable Development
Goals Project

Venture Building

Develop new, future-proof business models outside of your core business.

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