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Case Studies  →  Opportunity Mapping  →  A leading FMCG company

Anaylised and identified potential opportunity spaces and venture paths for a leading Japanese FMCG company.

Developed venture validated business models, and laid out a strategy to approach opportunity spaces around health and wellness.

Industry: Fast-moving consumer goods
Technology: Health, Wellness
Location: International


Help identify new business models in the moments-based health and wellness space centred around sleep, play, euphoria and relaxation


The parent company is experiencing a slowdown in sales of cigarettes. The client was tasked with finding both new business models and substances that can replicate the effects of cigarettes without its side effects. What are the new business models that we can leverage to define ourselves as market leaders in the moments based health and wellness space?


Over the course of 8 weeks we developed 8 venture validated business models that could be pursued. We started broad with 30+ opportunity spaces (across sleep, play, euphoria and relaxation) and scouted 360+ startups with total funding of $3b (~312b JPY). Ultimately, we recommended 9 key opportunity spaces and 4 venture paths, and from that 2 models for each space.

Key Takeaways:


Opportunity Mapping


Key Opportunity Spaces

Opportunity Mapping

Navigate uncertainty in a rapidly changing market and identify growth opportunities for the top and bottom line.

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