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FraSen is a healthcare startup on a mission to help people sleep better using their Personal Sleep Care Service.

Category: Health & Wellbeing – Sleep tech
Location: South Korea

Collaborating project with a Japanese partner (confidential upon request), prototype testing, and US patent registered.

We are a healthcare startup on a mission to help people sleep better. FraSen’s Personalized Sleep Care Service combines the latest in neuro science, wearable technology, and software in a novel way to have a power nap, deep relaxation, and deep sleep to wake up more refreshed. We help people to maintain a full charge throughout the day.

What does FraSen do?

Lulleep, developed by FraSen, is a subscription based sleep care service with sleep inducing device. It contains brain entrainment technology with personalized auditory feedback, which leads to faster, deeper and longer sleep. Our sleep inducing device senses bio-signals to measure sleep quality and provide personalized auditory feedback for better sleep based on neuroscience.


How did you/the founders come up with the idea?

After seeing how my mother had a sleeping issue, I had tried to help her and soon realised that many people suffered from the same issue. After that I decided to try and help people sleep better.


Could you tell us a bit about you and your team?

My name is Hyojun Woo, this is my second startup and I like to invent novel things. I’ve sold 6 patents as a main inventor. Currently our team consists of 5 members who are leading our projects, 2 business developers and 3 engineers with experience from AT&T, IBM, Samsung, etc.


What are the other alternatives to FraSen?

We produce an alternative to sleep medicine which is safe and has no side effects, which is also measurable and sustainable. Our sleep inducing device and caring service can measure your sleep quality and provide you with personalized feedback to maintain your sleep quality. Other sleep aids on the market include Neuroon, Kokoon, Sana, Sleepshepherd, iband, dreem, etc., however, they don’t provide the care service with a personalized sleep inducing feedback.


Who is your target customer?

We mainly target office workers to help their creativity during work providing a power nap. Power naps help their lives be healthier and more focused.


How does your product make a difference to the industry?

We offer personalized feedback from the device and the service helps our users to maintain their sleep quality. We take into consideration every users’ different sleep pattern and lifestyle to optimize their best sleep.


What are the milestones for FraSen?

Since 2014, we’ve been doing intensive sleep research supported by LG, SK as a shareholder. We have plans for clinical testing within a hospital in Korea in Q1 2020 and to launch the service in Q4 2020. We expect to find new business opportunities and new business partners within Japan.


Why did you start targeting Japan?

US, Europe, Japan are mainly considered the main markets for the sleep business. Since we are located in Korea, we decided to target Japan as one of the major markets.

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