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Indoor Mapping solutions to support international visitors through the facilities of JR West’s Osaka Station and Kyoto Railway Museum.

Mapxus pilots with JR West Innovations

Industry: Smart City
Technology: Retail Tech, Navigation
Location: Japan


JR West Innovations was seeking a solution to assist with the interactivity and navigation for international visitors in their properties. Through the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka program, Rainmaking introduced them to Mapxus, a fast-growing and leading indoor mapping technology platform that provides state-of-the-art indoor map services for global applications.


JR West Innovations was seeking opportunities to build support and interactivity in and around their properties. In particular, Osaka Station saw thousands of travellers a day, with navigation often being a little complicated for those who are not familiar with the station. Furthermore, they were looking to improve the experience of international visitors at the Kyoto Railway Museum.


Mapxus presented a solution to this, not only helping further with navigation, but for the Kyoto Railway Museum, they were also able to add interactive features for users to the experience. Mapxus’s technology was successfully implemented and have validated their Japan market entry sufficiently, which has led to them opening up a branch within the Kansai region and is currently in ongoing commercial discussions with JR West Innovations.

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