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A next-generation platform for digital signatures and contactless transactions on blockchain.

Category: Property Management Tech, HR & Workforce Management
Location: United Kingdom

Off-Blocks is a mobile and web platform for digital ID and signatures, leveraging blockchain and 'verifiable credentials'. Backed by US and EU government programmes, this technology will soon replace the way we transact online.

Based in the UK, Off-Blocks aims to introduce this innovation to the Japanese market as recent legislation supports the adoption of digital signatures. As an early-stage tech company, we are looking for traction and support from local partners to help establish ourselves in the region.

In a similar concept to a Hanko stamp, an organisation can issue an ID to their employees, that can be used flexibly for a variety of purposes.

Blockchain allows us to expand the concept of a signature beyond documents; where we can now sign any type of data. Our mission is to allow users to reach out and interact with a digital world, from an ID that lives in their mobile device.

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Could you tell us a bit about what Off-Blocks does? Please give a brief description of your company.

Off-Blocks is a mobile and web application for digital ID and signatures. We are based in the UK and have been developing the solution for two years alongside US and EU government innovation programs.


What sets you apart and makes you unique?

We leverage blockchain technology to surpass existing signature methods. This creates a more powerful, versatile solution that can be applied to any transaction.
The tech also provides a far lower cost base that is an enabler; it allows us to serve use cases that are still paper today, such as front-line operations or internal business processes.


Could you tell us a bit about you and your team?

Off-Blocks is a collaboration between two groups. In total we have a team of 12 contributors with a background in Document management solutions, Enterprise software and Aviation.
We are serial tech entrepreneurs and have been in the blockchain space for the last 4 years.


Why is the Japanese market important to you?

Japan is a nascent market. An advanced economy that is still paper based; that presents an opportunity as Japan transitions away from Hanko stamps.
The US and EU are developing a future of digital transactions based on personal IDs carried on mobile device. Japan already has this concept of a ID through Hanko stamps. Our solution is a close replacement of a Hanko, whereby a User can reach out and interact with a digital world instead of paper.


What are you looking for to make your next steps?

We are looking for our first external investment into the company, in order to support an entry into the Japanese market. This would allow us to develop a bespoke Japanese version of our products that best fit the local work environment.

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