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Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka

Cohort #1

The Japan Innovation Ecosystem is characterized by a continued series of government support initiatives for startups, entrepreneurs and ecosystem enablers, a steadily growing participation by Japan’s corporate sector, and a more recent influx of foreign tech companies. Starting at the very top, the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, Japan has decided it has a mission that includes the creation and nurturing of more unicorn companies.

In response, governments, corporations and educational institutions have unleashed various campaigns to plant their respective flags in the ground in a claim to be the innovation capital of Japan.

In Osaka, via the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka program, seven Japanese corporations are doing something special and really putting Osaka, Kansai and Japan on the world stage. In one program cycle, they have attracted over 450 applications from some of the world’s most exciting companies, and now we hear how these forward thinking Japanese companies are collaborating with the best of the best to make a positive impact on the country.

Joshua Flannery
CEO, Rainmaking Innovation Japan

The Program

Over the 3 months of our first program (Nov 19 - Feb 20), our Partners have worked tirelessly to gain the necessary approvals and buy-in from their various internal departments, in order to effectively collaborate with our startups and prove the potential of their revolutionary technologies. Our startups have learned volumes about the intricacies of Japanese business culture, both via our programming and thanks to the generous efforts of our "Japan-expert" Mentors, who are experienced entrepreneurs, professionals, and consultants. They have patiently navigated cultural etiquette, relationship-building, and having to explain their products/services in every detail to their partners, which are hallmarks of doing business in Japan; arguably the most advanced, discerning consumer market in the world.

Meet our Program Partners


Meet our Cohort #1 Startups

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