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Transreport Limited developed software which improves the experience of public transport passengers regardless of their accessibility requirements. Their solution, "Passenger Assistance" is designed to make transport more accessible to all commuters.

Category: Transport & Mobility, IT Solutions: Accessibility, Disability Tech
Location: United Kingdom

‘For a better journey’

Transreport is a technology company specifically focusing on improving customer experience for the transportation sector. We design and develop innovative software which improves the journey experience for millions of passengers regardless of their accessibility requirements. Our flagship technology "Passenger Assistance" has been deployed to all 24 train companies in the UK rail sector, covering millions of journeys every month made by those with impairments (both visible and hidden).

We pride ourselves on being an organisation made up of talented technology pioneers with a true understanding of the disabled passenger and elderly passenger demographic. Our ‘tech-for-good' business provides both a socially grounded and financially attractive offering, which has received many innovation awards for its technologies, from both industry and passengers. We are proud of all our achievements to date, whilst also continuing to innovate and grow. We are excited to pursue opportunities in Japan and to enhance the accessibility of the public transportation network.

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Could you tell us a bit about what Transreport does? Please give a brief description of your company.

Transreport is a technology company focused on delivering innovative assistive solutions in the transportation sector. We have developed industry-leading products, including our flagship technology “Passenger Assistance”, which has become the official travel assistance platform for the entire UK rail industry. Our software improves the journey experience for millions of passengers who use public transport regardless of their accessibility requirements. We pride ourselves on being an organisation made up of talented technology pioneers with a true understanding of the accessibility passenger demographic, and also helping transport operators deliver the highest levels of service possible.


Could you describe your entrepreneurial journey so far?

Transreport was founded in 2016 and has received multi-million pound investment. We launched our flagship technology “Passenger Assistance” last year in the UK and now work with all twenty-four train operator companies across the UK. A main motivator in our entrepreneurial journey has been a tech for good model, to achieve real social impact with our technology.


Why did you apply to the Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka program?

Transreport is on a mission to democratise transport globally. We have achieved success nationwide in the UK and we are looking to replicate this in Japan. Japan’s transport sector is known around the world for its quality and service. This has allowed the country to cement its place as a global hub for the development of smart cities and advanced mobility. Government agencies and companies in Japan have begun to identify key obstacles to accessibility and Transreport’s technology will directly address these challenges. For instance, Japan has one of the highest ageing populations globally. Older and disabled people are becoming more economically active and Transreport envisions greater access to transport services for these passengers with our technologies.

In addition, Transreport’s goals resonated with that of the program. We are also passionate about uniting global technology and want to create new value in the transportation sector. We also believe in ‘cooperation without boundaries’ and are primed to contribute to making the vision of this program a reality.


How is Transreport working to build smart cities/smart living?

Transreport’s technology addresses key pillars of the smart city model, both developing transport infrastructure and ensuring this infrastructure is equally accessible to all. Government regulations are changing worldwide to transition to smart city models and a main aim of these changes is to meet the diverse needs of different demographics in transportation. Businesses and national entities alike are investing heavily in innovative technology, to meet their obligations and deliver the best experiences for their customers. Transreport’s tools ensure that anyone can access transport services with both safety and comfort in mind. Our products are designed for smart living for all and are already integrating well into London, a developing smart city. Transreport’s mission to democratise Transport is empowered by values needed to build smart cities and signals the advent of the era where customers expect services in which they can play a more active role.


How have you found the experience of going through the program? Are there any challenges in collaboration with large companies?

The Transreport team has thoroughly enjoyed the Osaka Startupbootcamp program. Expanding our network, through meeting various partners and mentors on the program, has initiated new conversations about how we can use the technology we develop. Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka delivered on access to important stakeholders with decades of industry knowledge in transportation, which will allow us to better facilitate our integration into the Japanese market.

Transreport has extensive experience in working with large transportation companies in the UK and we are well versed in managing our relationship with these entities. We understand there can be complexities in communicating with a large company that has a lot more department channels and procedures to navigate. It is important to face these challenges head on and understand the cultural differences and how these differences can be used to the benefit of both the start-up and the partners.


What was the most significant lesson learned during the program?

The most significant lesson we learned was tackling the fully virtual setting of the Osaka Startupbootcamp, as this impacted all areas of our participation in the program. In light of Covid-19, Transreport has already been adapting to the challenges of virtual business activities. However, for this program it carried entirely new risks for us in an unfamiliar market. In a virtual setting, fully understanding and capturing the details of industry practices and company details can prove difficult, but we always made sure we asked questions on any points we didn’t understand.


What are you looking for to make your next steps?

Going forward, Transreport aims for “Passenger Assistance” to become a multi-modal journey planner which allows passengers with all types of disabilities to request assistance and plan their journey. Transreport is eager to reach out to different transport operators and other professionals active in this space to achieve end-to-end fully accessible travel.

We are looking forward to our continued journey in Japan.

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