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Venture Building

“We partner with large corporations to de-risk the process of creating new future-proof business models that have the potential to contribute significantly to group profits within 5-7 years.”

Drive Growth Faster and With Less Risk

The venture building process allows you to quickly explore, exploit, and own new strategic areas of growth that sit outside your core business competencies. These are areas where new entrants and competition will emerge.

Launch new brands, target new customer segments, enter new markets, monetise data assets, and create new revenue streams. Take advantage of new technologies, channels, changes in customer behavior, or regulatory developments by launching new disruptive business models.

When the time comes to leverage your competitive advantage, these ventures are ready to be integrated into your core business and be part of your group portfolio.

De-risk the process of creating new non-core business

Since 2007, we have built 52 ventures, generating more than 50% IRR and 9 successful exits to date.

Operational fees only for lower upfront costs

We prefer to only charge a fee to cover operational costs, and instead of large consulting fees have a combined operational fee and success based fee model. We want to share risks and successes as much as possible.

Partial co-investment model including operational and success fees

We co-invest significant amounts from conception, right through to scale ensuring we have meaningful ‘skin in the game’ and that we’re truly aligned on incentives.

External governance

Each venture has its own board, without the shackles of corporate governance, ensuring that each venture is in the best shape possible to get new ideas growing quickly.

Founder talent

We source exceptional entrepreneurial talent and construct high-functioning venture teams. All our CEOs & CTOs have prior venture-backed startup experience.

How we work with you

We explore, exploit and own new strategic areas of growth which sit outside your core business competencies

<6 weeks

Explore and validate if an idea is a suitable investment opportunity.

<12 months

Launch and rapidly iterate towards a repeatable scalable business model.

<4 years

Grow fast. Constantly adapting to market input, build a thriving business.


Integrate and leverage the full scale -strengths of the parent organisation

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