Meet Our Partners

Hankyu Corporation is a Japanese railway operator and is one of the core companies of the Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group. The HHH Group conducts business in the seven core segments of urban transportation, real estate, entertainment, information and communication technology, travel, international transportation and hotels. They are striving to drive innovation to improve people’s lifestyles by providing “safety and comfort” and “dreams and excitement”.

We would like to thank the mentors and partners who participated in this program, and the Rainmaking team that operated the whole thing. Cooperation with overseas startups was very exciting and challenging for us, but thanks to everyone's cooperation, especially Rainmaking’s, we were able to challenge multiple POCs to bring new value. We would like to continue working with everyone to drive innovation from Osaka and Kansai.

Dentsu is in the top 5 largest advertising networks globally. Their influences ranges across many different business spheres and holds large potential. They are looking to explore foodtech, adtech and sportstech within Osaka/Kansai and hope to bring about innovative ideas for the future development business in Osaka/Kansai.

Ahead of the Expo, featuring the “People’s Living Lab” concept, Startupbootcamp has great significance and contributes to this theme. There’s a growing need for business structure reforms and ideas to solve corporate issues. Co-creation with companies around the world who have this technology and ideas is inevitable, and we hope that SBC will create new value with everyone.

The Yomiuri Shimbun is a leading Japanese media group issuing about 8 million daily newspapers, the largest number in the world. As well as their news and media outlets, The Yomiuri Shimbun also owns a series of different branches in sports, esports, travel and entertainment, which are eager to adopt and develop new innovation.

We conducted POCs with four startups in this program and were able to gain many results. Collaboration with overseas startups was a new challenge for us, our group companies, such as Yomiuri Travel Service and Yomiuri Land also joined the POCs, and it became an innovative program. Thanks to Rainmaking, our partner companies and others who supported us.

JR West Group is a giant operating across transport, real estate, retail and other businesses with just under US$30B in total assets. JR West Innovations is the CVC of the JR West group, and they focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and exploring new potential angles that will support the JR West Group.

We are thrilled to meet promising startups from around the world through this program and to have the opportunity to collaborate in various businesses with them. We hope that the participating startups will be active in Osaka/Kansai, and we will continue to promote their initiatives to build a great venture ecosystem.

SMBC is one of Japan’s largest financial institutions with an extensive domestic and global footprint. They are hoping to assist innovative ideas and help companies build a network that would support them in the future.

Sakura Internet is Japan’s largest Web Hosting provider, leading as a data center business with high capacity backbone, a high-speed internetwork and technologically advanced facilities. They are looking to support innovative ideas to help them grow.

Throughout the program, we have been able to communicate with various startups from around the world. We were amazed by the speed and passion of the startups and think it was a good opportunity for the active communication between all the partners.

JT Group is currently engaged in tobacco, pharmaceutical and food businesses, with operations in over 130 countries.