Meet our Startups

  • Chinafy

    Chinafy is a bolt-on solution for any website to perform fast, and fully in China. The product scans, identifies and replaces incompatible components with Chinese-appropriate components tailored to the China market. Within 10-20 minutes, we take the average Western website that loads in 30-40+ seconds down to about 5-6 seconds on average enhancing not only the user experience, but SEO ranking, website traffic, conversions and ultimately, revenue. There is no site we've come across that can't be enhanced/accelerated by us. For example, the website takes 53 seconds to load in China, and only 34% of it displays. Using Chinafy, it would take 5 seconds and display the full 100% of the page.
  • Enroute

    Enroute is developing a personalized, location-based commerce platform which is linked to mobility apps like Uber, Lyft etc. and mass transit services that allow passengers to ride for FREE as they shop and interact, click and collect the products from locations close to their destination.
  • FraSen

    We are a healthcare startup on a mission to help people sleep better. FraSen’s Personalized Sleep Care Service combines the latest in neuro science, wearable technology, and software in a novel way to have a power nap, deep relaxation, and deep sleep to wake up more refreshed. We help people to maintain a full charge throughout the day.
  • Genoplan

    Genoplan incorporates biotechnology, information technology, artificial intelligence, and industry-leading expertise to provide accurate yet, comprehensive genetic analysis service to individuals.
  • Hike

    Hike allows retailers to centrally manage inventory and sales for multiple outlets including online store and marketplaces. By combining various sales channels, sales management, record keeping and reports are streamlined which increases efficiency and saves an average of 40 work hours per store. It’s a feeling of flexibility and ease that retailers can pass on to their customers.
  • iCetana

    Produce AI software for automatic identification of anomalous behaviours in large video camera installations.
  • Mapxus

    Mapxus is a fast-growing and leading indoor mapping technology platform that provides state-of-the-art indoor map services for global applications. We work with diverse business organizations across commercial and industrial sectors, government bodies, NGOs and social enterprises to generate comprehensive city-based indoor maps for public sharing. Integrated with universal multi-sensing, positioning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Mapxus opens up unlimited possibilities for businesses and communities to develop various useful and meaningful mobile applications to solve our everyday problems and create a smarter city together.
  • Miro AI

    Miro is an AI & Computer Vision startup using deep learning to unlock one-of-a-kind consumer insights from images & video. Miro’s RunnerTag AI has mapped over 7MM athletes in over 700 running, cycling & obstacle course events in Asia, EU & the USA. By simply analyzing a single photo or video frame, Miro’s AI can instantly identify athletes, discover 1:1 brand preferences & suggest training or gear to improve athletic performance.
  • Natural Machines

    Our goal is to produce a full range of innovative kitchen solutions improving the quality and enjoyment of food, making it easier to be in full control of all your foods and have a positive environmental impact by lessening food loss/waste. We further the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, #12: responsible consumption and production. Our first released product is Foodini: a 3D food printing kitchen appliance.
  • Oovvuu

    We partner with 100+ trusted publishers and broadcasters globally, we host all their video content in the cloud (+150,000 videos). Our tech will then watch and extract the meaning of the video so that journalists all over the world can use it in their articles.
  • Sitata

    Of the 1.2 billion international travellers each year, 20% seek assistance when abroad. This is a massive number of people that need help in an unfamiliar environment. Sitata keeps travellers safe by providing them with real-time health and safety information and connecting them to assistance when they need it. Our web platform and mobile app collects traveller’s itineraries and provides them with all necessary, pre-trip health and safety information for their destinations including vaccination recommendations, emergency numbers, hospital locations, and safety advice.
  • Soundpays

    Soundpays utilizes ultrasonic sound wave technology to deliver information directly from advertising or broadcast content to the mobile device. The solution allows advertiser and broadcast content providers to achieve an entirely new level of audience engagement. That is allowing viewers to engage with the broadcast content to receive supplemental information and actionable call-to-action options, including instant, single-touch purchases, directly from the content that they are seeing or hearing; whether it be on TV, Online or digital signage.
  • Travello

    Travello is a social network for travellers used in 180 countries. Whilst beginning as a consumer facing social app, Travello has grown to over 800,000+ users and has since evolved into a fully integrated enterprise platform. This was a result of extensive customer engagement and research, leading to a clear understanding of real pain-points that many travel companies were/are facing. Travello now provides a unique and innovative enterprise solution for travel companies, providing a platform for them to connect and communicate with their audience in a way never seen before.

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